Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Boarding school lessons

Yikes, watching BBC2's Britain's Youngest Boarders and have already been in tears. Several times.

My OH boarded from the age of 7 and swears it was the 'making of him'. I know boarding schools provide first class education and can understand the benefits from a learning point of view (only) but how can parents justify it? What is the rush to pack them off to help them to "become independent" and "lead their own lives"? Doesn't that just happen to all of us, naturally and when we're ready for it? 

Am sure lots of people disagree, but the thought of packing my little ones off and not seeing them on a weekly basis or more is too much to bear! Even on those more 'challenging' days. This evening was a good example, little one demanding "fresh air" at bedtime. Unable to sleep without it apparently. Took me a while to convince him otherwise...


  1. Completely agree. I was in tears too! Suppose it's just a cultural thing, dating back to the Empire, because in France you only get send to boarding school if you live in the sticks or you've been really bad/disruptive! 'Toi tu vas finit en pension' is a common threat. I think I could conceivably get used to seeing my teenager (no younger) only at week-ends, if that was the best choice for them, and if I still had smaller ones at home!

  2. That's interesting about the French system. I totally understand that there are many circumstances where it's deemed best for the child - my OH's father was in the army so made sense for them as they were abroad much of the time - just can't imagine how it must feel for the mums saying goodbye to 7/8 year olds at the start of the week /term and then going home to an empty house! Would be so hard so don't know why anyone would choose to do it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Totally agree! Was heart breaking - not least the idea of 7 year olds referring to each other by surname only! Boo hoo! Why go through all the pain of labour to ship em off to someone else!