Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mummy, can I have an orang-utan, I mean, a nectarine?

by ianmichaelthomas

The only downside to hosting a party is the sheer volume of thank you letters we have to write. I say 'we' in the full knowledge that my little one is probably too young to take full responsibility for drafting 40+ notes, so it's down to me and if we're lucky he'll write his name on each/ most/ some of them...

So, to distract myself from the task in hand, I began thinking about words, our knowledge of them, how we learn and whether or not it's a Mum's duty to always correct mispronunciations!

Mr FM and I have hours of fun listening to the little people getting words confused but, as is always the way, I'm wondering if we ought to be correcting them as we go? We don't, and in fact rarely have, but are we making our children laughing stocks?

So, some of the reasons we resist correction are below:

- calling a cucumber a 'kookabumba' sounds so much better
- asking to put your 'candle shoes' on instead of sandals is surely more magical (as is checking that the birthday cake has 'sandals' on it before we sing...)
- thinking you're 'owmost' grown up is sweeter than simply being 'almost' an adult
- "you making me a headache!" never get tired of that one...
- (brushing hair) " Mummy I make you bootifull hair-dress"

Too sweet to be wrong....


  1. I can't wait for my daughter to start saying some lovely kiddisms - I think I'll make a note of every one of them as a separate page on my blog to have a giggle when she's bigger :)

    Hannah x

  2. How bloomin' cute is that!? My little lad is saying some great things at the moment. His are more like stories atm though, although he did once call a wheelchair a grandma chair. I'd love to see the world through their eyes!

    'kookabumba' was my favourite!

    Becca xxx

  3. Awww, your little ones are too cute - being 'owmost' grown-up sounds much more fun!