Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The art of handwriting

I attended a handwriting class at school last week, along with lots of other mums and a few dads. The idea was to teach us cursive writing so that we can help our 5 year olds who'll be learning the 'art' this year.

It was quite an eye opener. Having been brought up in the 1970s most of us admitted to having terrible handwriting and we came to the conclusion that handwriting couldn't have been on the curriculum in those days. Always good to have an excuse.

It looks very pretty but seemed quite complicated for us so must be even more so for little people who usually write higgledy piggledy letters across the page, all at different heights and leaning in different directions. Anyway, we are now armed with the tools to help so this time, no excuses!


  1. I love "proper" handwriting. It's so cute. Really takes me back to being at school. It was one of the things I was good at. You'll be surprised how quickly they pick it up ;)

    Becca x

  2. Really? That's good to know. I found it really hard! Was worried it would be quite difficult. So funny to be starting joined up writing so soon after they've learned to write but I guess it makes sense. Is very sweet!

  3. This post reminds me of a long time ago when in school we used to have a subject (with proper lectures - although I don’t remember about the exams: P) called "handwriting improvement". It sounds quite a funny but helpful course now :) Forgery expert