Friday, 1 October 2010

Mummy, are you coming home?

I went on a business trip earlier this week. I was away from the little ones for 3 days, on the other side of the world.

Naturally I was anxious before I went about how they’d react, how I’d react, and whether they’d be ‘unsettled’ by it. Yes, that dreadful word that enters our vocabulary the moment we become parents and, so far, shows no signs of departing.

I put them to bed on Sunday night before heading to the airport. Given the time difference it wasn’t going to be easy to talk to them on the phone, which I decided was probably the best thing for all of us. However, having been away for ‘two sleeps’ already, I decided to call home late one night, catching them just before bedtime.

It was lovely to hear their little voices and, much to my delight, they sounded very happy, totally preoccupied with supper and the daily goings on, and, in fact, quite ‘settled’.  My son did eventually ask me IF, not WHEN, I was coming home. A good sign, I think…

Before I left last weekend, I read an interview in the Saturday Times with Harriet Harman who said that ‘being a mother means feeling guilty all the time’.  Clearly the endless worry and anxiety is a permanent feature of life with children, however, five years in, I feel that I might just be making inroads as far as the guilt is concerned. So Harriet, I’m afraid I disagree.


  1. Glad you had a good time. Sounds very exciting. 8 years into motherhood and I can say it only get easier for me at NOT feeling guilty - just back from a week's holiday sans kids (extremely lucky to have someone who can stay at home in my absence and basically just replace me) and it was just fabulous. Didn't miss them, they didn't miss us. All very excited to be reunited after 7 days. Obviously should do this more often. Maybe boarding places for parents? The kids could take us out at the w-e...

  2. And I agree with you! Time away from the Little People in our lives makes us appreciate them all the more on our return! That's my justification from having peace away from my two girls (18 months) by sending them to nursery one day a week.
    I have been meaning to visit you for ages, but amazing how time flies without visits to other blogs or updated posts of one's own.....look forward to an update from you soon ;-)