Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Day 2

So the little man is 5 and 2 days!! I'm loving how important it is to count days at this age. He still has little understanding of the passing of time yet counting sleeps until important events such as parties, friends coming over and even swimming lessons takes up a lot of our time! 

On that note, he's been counting sleeps until his return to school for the past week or so. Now much as I loved school I'm not sure I ever really got that far. It's clearly testament to his amazing school and his lovely little schoolmates. As parents we're bombarded with 'back to school' info from almost day 1 of the holidays but clearly for the little ones, 6 weeks feels like a lifetime and the novelty of the return to school outweighs the fact that it actually involves work...

On the subject of misperceptions, I have recently had to admit to two ongoing 'untruths'.

Firstly, I can't bake. Never have been able to, never will.  The above pic of a 'chocolate tray bake' clearly demonstrates this point. I chose the recipe as it was the easiest one I could find yet still I failed, miserably. According to my mother I don't have the 'lightness of touch' that baking requires. And apparently patience is important too, clearly not a virtue of mine. So my recommendations are a) find someone else who's willing to dedicate time, energy and love to this task or b) go back to our old friend M&S - great tray bakes, cheap and tasty and likely to help you avoid the "Mummy is this a cake or a biscuit?" question.... 

Secondly, I was slightly disappointed to discover recently that my little running route actually only gives me 200 calories worth of exercise (courtesy of http://www.walkjogrun.net/)!! I can't pretend I massively stretch myself and I am very reluctant to go that extra 1/8 of a mile, however what a disappointment and there goes my incentive! All I have to do is cut out one kitkat a day and try to limit the glasses of red wine and I'm there. Goodbye park, hello sofa... 


  1. I think your chocolate cake looks quite yummy actually! Lots of lovely chocolate icing. Has put me in the mood for chocolate though which isn't good as I don't intend to do any jogging :)

    If you ever need a super easy cake recipe - you can even do this one in the processor - try this one - http://kiddiebase.blogspot.com/2010/07/almond-cherry-cake-recipe-very-quick.html - let us know how you get on if you do!!

  2. Hello - welcome to blogging! The cake vs biscuit question has actually been considered by our highest courts as a result of a long winded dispute over vat payments by Mcvities. The vatman claimed jaffa cakes were cakes and therefore vatable, Mcvities said they were biscuits therefore not. The court decided on the following: if the food item is left out overnight and goes soggy - it's a biscuit. If it goes hard - it's a cake. So there! Enjoy blogging - I'm new too and enjoying it so far! x

  3. Hi Kiddibase and Kerry! Thanks so much for the comments - my first real taste of actual 'networking' from my new blog! how exciting...

    Thanks for the tips - recipe looks lovely (love the thought of doing it in the processor, maybe my saving grace?) and the VAT dispute really made me laugh! Means I'm a winner either way, honest!

    Thanks so much, following your blogs too, Cx